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(From company literature) The Samsung GX-10 is a highly advanced digital SLR camera that improves upon the solid foundation laid by its forerunners in the GX series. A camera of outstanding quality with a vast selection of convenient and cutting-edge features, the GX-10 has been specifically engineered to deliver a breathtaking picture. This camera offers all the tools you need to take your creativity to the next level.

The GX-10 advanced features range from the unmatched Pentaprism viewfinder to extensive RAW support, including a designated RAW button and the ability to directly view RAW pictures on the 2.5” LCD. All housed in a comfortable to hold, weatherproof camera body.

Crystal clear pictures are guaranteed with a resolution of 10.2 Megapixels, and the remarkable Penta Prism viewfinder enables unmatched control, allowing the user to identify even subtle changes. The GX-10 is specially designed to deliver a picture of superior colour, vivid impact, and breathtaking illumination.

With OPS (Optical Picture Stabilization) built into the GX-10, there's no need to worry about camera shake - blurred pictures are a thing of the past. The GX-10's Optical Picture Stabilization is compatible with virtually any Pentax lens, including manual types, giving the user unprecedented freedom and a truly comprehensive set of lens options.

GX 10 has a high resolution 210k pixel, 2.5-inch large TFT LCD, providing an unprecedented wide and clear screen. This gives more better control for accurate composition.

On the top, GX 1S is equipped with a separate information LCD that displays the photographing status and other information, making GX 10 even easier to use. The LCD displays information about camera operation, including shutter speed, aperture value, flash operation, photographing mode, focus, bracketing, white balance, and remaining battery capacity.

There's no need to worry about a bit of exposure to the elements - GX-10 features a construction that is effectively resistant to water, sand, or other potentially harmful materials. Construction is tight to reduce possible entry points and a silicone lining further prevents any entry by unwanted material.

The GX-10 is equipped with an intuitive and effective function to keep its CCD dust-free at all times. The CCD itself also features a dust resistant coating, which, combined with the dust removal function, ensures that pictures will be free of dust-caused blemishes.

Note: The Samsung GX-10 appears to be a rebadged and slightly restyled Pentax K10D. List price is $899.99 for the body only, or $999.99 in a kit with an 18-55mm lens.

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