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(From company literature) The Vested Interest Still Photo Vest. The top pockets are velcro closed for quick access with one hand. The only padding is against the body. The front of the pockets will crush down when you are in a shooting position. These pockets are good for flashes, film, or light meters. Measure the equipment you intend to carry and compare it to the dimensions listed in the brochure. Behind the top pocket on the right is a security pocket designed for passports or other valuables. Behind the top left pocket is a pen and pencil pocket.

The bottom pockets are padded on the front and back. This padding protects your lens and gives the pocket enough shape and form to rapidly withdraw or insert a lens. Inside each bottom pocket is two strips of 2" velcro sewn vertically which a padded divider attaches. This divider separates lens or can be completely removed if you want to place a camera body in the pocket. On the front of one bottom pocket a clear plastic ID window is sewn for placing a press pass or other event documents.

The inside pockets are flat pockets made out of mesh. This helps with ventilation and also makes it easier to see the contents of the pocket. These pocket are very good for filters. Each shoulder has a non-slip suede leather patch and an epaulet with a very heavy duty snap. This allows you to carry an extra camera body over each shoulder.

The upper back of the vest has two adjustable lash straps which are designed to carry rain gear or to stow a jacket if the weather warms up and you do not want to wear it. Between the lash straps is a monopod carrier. It is a fabric tube with elastic in the top. It is designed for a monopod but a light weight tripod can be carried by placing one leg in the tube.

On the lower back is a large cargo pocket. This pocket is only padded against your body so that it will crush down when it is not full. It has two compression wedges with adjustable straps to snug the pocket down when it is not full. It is good for lens that will not fit in the front pockets, food and water, or any other photo gear you can not get in the front. It can be accessed from the right or left and vertically on the left side. We recommend putting something in this pocket to help balance the vest.


  • Type: Vest
  • Available Colors: Tan, Black, Camouflage, Navy, ODGreen
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, Custom
  • MSRP: US$169.95

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