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Keywords: Olympus Zuiko Mid Prime Four-Thirds Tested


Registered: May 2012
Posts: 7
Olympus 25mm f/2.8 Zuiko Digital review by jnolan
Review Date: 5/31/2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $150.00| Rating: 9 

Pros: Size, Weight, Width, Length, Mass, Dimensions, Price
Cons: Speed

First thing's first - the image quality is good enough.

It's certainly not the best you'll see, but as other reviewers have noted, that's not the point. And in any case, stop down to f5.6 and you won't be able to tell anyway.

This lens is very, very small. When I put it on my E-5 it looks ridiculous, but it's fun.

I've used this lens primarily for traveling, at which it excels. For traveling, I use it with an E-420, so the whole package is very lightweight and fairly inconspicuous. In my experience, the limitation with this combination is caused by high ISO noise in the E-420 and the f-2.8 maximum aperture. It's very tough to get clear photos at night.

But most of my photos aren't taken at night, so that's a minor issue. As long as the sun is up (or close to being up), the f-2.8 is enough to snap the shot.

The largest print I've made with a photo from the E-420 and this lens is 16" x 20". It's a shot of some of the sculpture work on the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The print is fairly large and it looks great. The texture of the sculpture is clear and contrasty. In other words, this lens is more than capable given the right conditions. I'm not going to sneak into the Sagrada Familia at night, so none of the limitations are ever going to really affect my photos when I'm traveling.

I haven't used it extensively on my E-5, but I'm sure I could push it more with that body. However, it always just makes more sense to put the Panasonic 25mm/f-1.4 on that, which is you're only other real option. It's a much better lens than this one, to be sure, but I wouldn't call it a value at its price compared to this one.

Registered: April 2011
Posts: 6
Olympus 25mm f/2.8 Zuiko Digital review by Easy
Review Date: 4/3/2011 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $210.00| Rating: 10 

Pros: Compact design, good performance, reasonable price
Cons: No hood, not too fast for prime

Very nice pancake lens.
I am very happy about picture quality with this lens.
Good value for money.
CDAF is a bonus for M4/3 users.

Registered: March 2008
Posts: 11
Olympus 25mm f/2.8 Zuiko Digital review by ktwse
Review Date: 4/22/2009 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $250.00| Rating: 9 

Pros: Decently sharp, very compact and FUN!
Cons: Not quite as sharp as a "normal" 50 (stopped down)

Well, I guess you either "get it" or you don't...

This lens, in all honesty, is not as sharp as eg the Nikkor AF-S 35/1.8 at f/2.8. Then again, this lens is not about perfect sharpness or super fast apertures. This lens is all about compact size, unobtrusiveness and portability. When coupled with a small Oly housing, you're as close as you will ever get to the classic Leicas without having to spend thousands of dollars.

That might be something you appreciate, but if you're constantly shooting in low light or want to pixel peep at 100% then this lens will not be for you.

If, on the other hand, you do appreciate the creative possiblities that a very compact SLR and lens combo will open up in eg street photography, or if you appreciate being able to just throw it in your pocket and forget it until you need it, then this is a brilliant lens.

Registered: February 2009
Posts: 5
Olympus 25mm f/2.8 Zuiko Digital review by xeroxparc79
Review Date: 2/22/2009 Would you recommend the product? No | Total Spent: $280.00| Rating: 6 

Pros: Sharp, light, well built
Cons: Limited use

The lens itself has no real flaws; it's very sharp, small, light and well built. But this focal lenght is too limited for a standard aperture like 2,8. Even mounted on e-410/420 isn't pocketable, you will need a small bag. For the price you may as well find the double kit Zuiko ED zoom; I think it's a much better choice.

Registered: November 2008
Posts: 31
Olympus 25mm f/2.8 Zuiko Digital review by MartinM
Review Date: 11/5/2008 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $290.00| Rating: 9 

Pros: Small, lightweight, sharp
Cons: hood nod included, Swiss pricing

I have seen many lenses, from Sony, while i had a Sony Alpha. This prime lense here is really nice. Not as sharp and sure not as fast as my Minolta 35mm f1.4 is had, but certainly very good.

I have not noticed any CA. But honestly, i use this lens indoors and for available light. For daytime i have other lenses.

In Switzerland its a bit expensive compared to what you get.

Edit 21.2.2009: I sold the first one i had, before switching to the E-30. I got it back for a second time. It matches my 50mm lens and makes a great indoor use value.

Registered: January 2008
Posts: 5
Olympus 25mm f/2.8 Zuiko Digital review by OhWeh
Review Date: 8/12/2008 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: None indicated| Rating: 9 

Pros: Very small and lightweight, good peformance
Cons: No distance and depth-of-field scales

I use this lens mostly on a E-420. The combination is almost anytime with me, when I leave the house.

Optical quality is fine, aperture of 2.8 is enough in almost all cases. I even use the lens for AL-picture in Jazz clubs (with the E-3)!

The screw-in lens-hood, made of aluminum is ideal for using the camera without any bag. You cannot lose it and it protects the glas very well.


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