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Keywords: Sony Wide Mid Tele Zoom E-Mount APS-C OSS Stabilized tested


Registered: January 2013
Posts: 1
Sony E 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS SEL18200 review by cw1nte
Review Date: 1/9/2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $620.00| Rating: 9 

Pros: Good IQ, great stabilisation, great for video
Cons: lens will self extend if hanging vertically and not locked at 18mm

I was amazed to get blur free handheld shots at 200mm shooting at 1/20s in the rain holding an umbrella (£5mm equiv 300mm). Not one off but shot 100s and very few rejects that morning.
Also good for stable hand held video.
It really makes me feel I do not need to invest in other expensive lenses except for super WA, faster aperture & smaller manual legacy glass which I love on NEX.
Finding the rings for manual adjustments while using EVF can be hard to dp smoothly and avoid slight movements while shooting video.


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