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  • 8.0-megapixel resolution for 3,264 x 2,448 images
  • Interchangeable lens mount fits full range of ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses
  • Unique digital SLR design
  • Full range of manual and automatic exposure control
  • Top-mount hot-shoe for more powerful external flash
  • Extensive image adjustment tools for creative results

With an 8-megapixel sensor, rugged build quality, and several unique features, the Olympus EVOLT E-300 digital SLR is a good choice for many users. Its combination of very extensive Scene modes with full-featured exposure and creative control suit it to situations where both novice and experienced shooters need to share the same camera. It also could be a good choice for an enthusiastic novice, who wants a camera that's easy to use from the start, but that offers no limitations as their skills mature. Also important to an entry-level SLR is the availability of high-quality, affordable lenses. Olympus has begun to address this with the development of the affordable 14-45mm "kit" lens the camera is sold with, and Sigma has a growing line of Four Thirds-compatible lenses available, covering a wide range of focal lengths. The E-300's image quality is generally quite good, with pleasing color and image noise matching that of the competition at all but the highest ISO setting. Our biggest complaint about the camera was that its ESP exposure mode over-reacted to strong highlights near the center of the frame, knocking down the exposure to hold highlight detail, but in the process underexposing the rest of the scene. This caused us some consternation, as we found it hard to predict how the camera would respond to subjects with bright highlights near the center of the viewfinder (this has been fixed with a firmware update). On the other hand though, it wasn't too difficult to deal with, simply by using the Exposure Lock button to set the exposure with the highlight area to one side or the other of center. On a positive note though, the Olympus E-300 does provide a lot of photographic control, a lot of resolution, and good-looking photos for a very affordable price. If you're shopping for a digital SLR, and don't already own a bagful of Canon or Nikon lenses, the Olympus E-300 EVOLT deserves a close look.

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Olympus EVOLT E-300 review by halfmac
Review Date: 11/8/2005 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $859.00| Rating: 10 

Pros: The Colors, Small size, Dust Buster, tons of features, unconventional design.
Cons: No remote socket. High iso noise.

I had a Digital Rebel and was very happy with it, I bought this camera as I needed a second camera for a trip. I liked it better. Sold the Rebel.

The Colors out of the camera beats the competition. So do Jpegs if you like to shoot them over RAW. Higher resolution than the e-1. Not having to clean the image sensor.

For an inexpesive camera it very well made and does not feel cheap or plasticy. The two kit lenses very well made. The viewfinder is bigger than others including Olympus's e-500.

This camera feature packed. Included are mirror lock up, Black & White mode, changing the lens focus rotation and full time manual focus on all Digital Zuiko's.

I can also use other lenses from film cameras with the proper adapter because of the 4/3 lens mount. Olympus sent me a OM mount for my 50mm 1.8 or 135mm 2.8 OM Zuiko. I also have a Tamron OM Adaptall mount 350mm mirror lens.

Alot has been said about Oly cameras a noisier the the APS sensor cameras. It is not as great as they make it to be. Yes this camera is not as quiet as my Rebel at higher iso's but the sharpness and color are better and the noise is managable with software when needed.

A great little camera. Fun. Great body finish. Just the right size.


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