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  • Canon Digital SLR designed ground-up to be digital
  • 8.0-megapixel CMOS sensor, 3,456 x 2,304 pixel images
  • ISO of 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600
  • Impressive image quality, color accuracy, low image noise, resolution
  • Compatible with all Canon EOS system lenses and accessories, focal length multiplier of 1.6, plus the new EF-S digital-only design

The original Canon EOS Digital Rebel made waves in the digital SLR marketplace, offering professional-level features and control at a very low price. Now, the new Canon Digital Rebel XT brings dramatic improvements across the board, with better resolution and speed, and myriad improvements in camera operation and user control. In almost every parameter, the Canon Rebel XT offers significant enhancements beyond the original model, while maintaining the same (original) list price. Despite its advanced feature set, the Canon Rebel XT manages to span the full range of user needs, from the pure point & shoot user interested only in "green zone" operation to the professional looking for an inexpensive second body. As such, it's a nearly ideal option for families or other situations in which users of greatly varying experience levels need to share the same camera. My one biggest gripe with the camera will be some users' favorite feature: The small (tiny) hand grip. While I found shooting with the camera an infuriating exercise in frustration and crunched fingertips, women who picked up the camera immediately loved how it felt in their hands. My advice to ham-handed shooters like myself would be to pick up the optional battery grip. While not doing much for horizontal-format shooting, the battery grip makes for a very comfortable experience when shooting vertical-format images, and generally gives the camera a better sense of balance, at least in my experience. All in all, the Canon Digital Rebel XT is a technological tour de force, delivered in a tiny, attractive package, and with a set of user controls that are equally approachable by novices and professional shooters. Highly recommended, and a shoo-in as a Dave's Pick.

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