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  • Based on the existing D70 model, with updates to improve usability
  • 6.1 megapixel CCD, 3,008 x 2,000 pixel images
  • ISO from 200 to 1600
  • 3 frames per second with instant power-up
  • Part of Nikon "Total Imaging System"
  • Compatible with >90% of all Nikon F-mount lenses ever made!

In the bit over a year since the introduction of the original Nikon D70, rival Canon has answered that camera's challenge strongly with their Digital Rebel XT model, catching up quite a bit in the areas of startup time and responsiveness, as well as in resolution and detail rendition. That said though, the Nikon D70s retains the advantage of a superior lens with a wider zoom range and slightly wider maximum aperture. It also retains the superb in-hand feel and ergonomics of the original D70, while the Rebel XT has gone quite a bit in the other direction with a tiny handgrip that's simply too small to be comfortable for many users. For shooters interested in flash photography, the D70s easily leads the field, with its combination of matrix metering for fill flash operation, and its direct support (no accessories needed) for true wireless TTL-metered flash operation with Nikon's SB-600 and SB-800 flash units. With its dead-simple "green zone" operation and host of helpful scene modes, the D70s is also a very approachable camera for novice users. This is an important consideration, given how well a d-SLR matches the needs of typical family shooting, an application where less-sophisticated users really need the things that d-SLRs do so well (fast shutter response, good high-ISO performance). Whatever your interests, the bottom line is that the D70s is an exceptionally capable, well-performing digital SLR, every bit worthy of the storied Nikon name. In case it wasn't already obvious, it's highly recommended, and an easy Dave's Pick.

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