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Keywords: Pentax Tilt LCD Master Slave HSS


Registered: November 2006
Posts: 4
Pentax AF-360FGZ review by mjbamigo
Review Date: 12/21/2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $250.00| Rating: 9 

Pros: bright, fast, and flexible, lightweight, good battery life
Cons: squeeky plastic build, doesn't swivel, and feels a little cheap

I use this lense on my Pentax *ist DS. It works very nicely. It's especially easy with both the camera and flash set on Auto. I think, like the *ist DS alone, the combination tends to overexpose, so I usually turn the flash compensation on the flash unit down at least a stop.

It has a few very useful settings, being able to fire at the beginning of an exposure (front curtain, or at the tail end of an exposure (rear curtain). It also can fire a red eye blink or be used in a High Speed sinc mode. Personally, I most enjoy the rear curtain sinc. On a relatively long exposure of a moving subject, it gives a little blur leading up to a sharp, bright capture.

It has a nice set of controls, offering a couple settings including one that only fires a red auto focus asist lamp to help the camera focus before the release, which is a nice addition to my camera. It also zooms in and out in time to the Pentax kit lense.

The flash is sold in a very nice leather-like case, by the way...

On my camera, the wireless capabilities are totally lost, unfortunately, so I can't comment on it's potential to work wirelessly.

I would find it useful if the flash head was able to rotate side to side to better bounce the light, in fact, even the vertical tilt that the 360 can do is limmited to six notchy stops that can only be reached by working a cheap-feeling button on the side of the hinge. The whole thing feels pretty cheap and plasticky for something that costs $200. The hot shoe mount is very snug and never feels quite all-the-way in place (though it is held very securly in place by a lock pin). The battery door is also floppy and precarious feeling.

The control buttons and info screen are well laid out, un-intimidating and professional feeling, though the control wheel that manipulates most functions on my copy of the 360 is so stiff that I have to use both hands to move it at all.... It's accidently, but certainly "child-proof."

Overall, I would recommend this flash for a Pentax SLR. It teams with the camera well, getting good exposures and recycling quickly. It's a bit pricey and not too impressively built, but takes nice pictures.


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