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Registered: November 2006
Posts: 12
Metz 44 AF-4/4i mecablitz review by xavier
Review Date: 11/24/2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $180.00| Rating: 9 

Pros: reasonable price, feature rich, quite powerful.
Cons: head does not rotate (boucing impossible in portrait mode).

I bought this flash to use with my 10D, when asked to take photographs for a wedding two days in advance while I was short of cash and never had been a flash shooter...

The main reason why I chose this flash (after a very short time spent looking for information, since I had little time) is that it was not as expensive as a Canon 550 or 580, yet it had a lot of features, so that it should work well in a variety of situation. I was not disappointed at all!

I learned how to use it very quickly and found there was no real learning curve. Settings are straightforward. I appreciate the TTL, which turned out to work very precisely with my 10D. The manual mode works also great. Since this wedding, I use the flash for events from time to time. In particular I had to use it to photograph subjects rather far away (around 10 to 15 meters), and it was powerful enough.

The main limitation is related to the non rotating base: as a consequence, it cannot be bounced in portrait orientation, which is very frustrating.

Another issue (which seems related to the camera) is that the focal length used by the flash is the focal length of the lens, whereas it should correspond to the "equivalent coverage of the lens": when mounted on the 10d, a 20mm gives the same field of view as a 32mm, so I would like the flash to get this as a focal length parameter. Fortunately, this settings could be overriden in the camera.

Overall, this is a serious flash for a cheap price. A great choice for the occasional flash shooter. In my view, the only possible deal-breaker is if you want to bounce in portrait mode; in this case, this flash would obviously not work. Otherwise, only the people who often use flash really need to look at more expensive solutions.


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