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Registered: October 2005
Posts: 36
Metz 28 AF-3 digital mecablitz review by Ross_Alford
Review Date: 1/5/2007 Would you recommend the product? No | Total Spent: None indicated| Rating: 5 

Pros: Small and light
Cons: The Nikon model only works with SOME i-TTL cameras, not including the D2x

I bought this by mail order in late 2005 because I wanted a small, light, easily carried flash to use on my D2x for fill flash. It was advertised as i-TTL compatible, and the D2x is i-TTL, so I assumed it would work on the D2x. Wrong. It does not, and it is a known problem. I contacted Metz in October 2005 and received a reply that they were working on it, which sort of seemed to imply that there might be an upgrade or exchange program. I thus did not simply return it to the dealer I bought it from, which I could have done if I'd done so right away. Instead I waited, heard nothing, and contacted them a couple of months later and was simply told that it is incompatible with the D2x, and they may bring out a a new model. Last time I looked on Metz' web site, they did not include this flash in the list of recommended flashes for the D2x, but there was no other indication that it doesn't work with that camera, for example a statement on the data sheet page for the 28AF-3N. Pretty bad and deceptive marketing and poor customer support, overall.

It does seem well built, and works fine on a D70. Don't know about other Nikon models. If you want a small shoe-mount flash for a Nikon, maybe consider this, but check carefully re compatibility before buying.


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