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Registered: October 2005
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Olympus SRF-11 Ring Flash review by Bytesmiths
Review Date: 2/13/2017 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $110.00| Rating: 10 

Pros: shares a controller with the TF-22
Cons: limited lens mounting compatibility, expensive, expensive AC power source

Please see my review of the companion TF-22 twin flash. (

This is a great ring light, with a major pain-in-the-butt: the lens mounting capability is VERY constrained, but wait! There's a solution!

The problem is that the ring light mounts via the lens hood bayonet mount, and thus only fits a couple lenses. There is an adaptor for the 50mm ED macro, but it is not a thread mount, rather it is some goofy squeeze mount. Even the manual is wrong: I bought it (in part) because it said it would fit the ZD 50-200 zoom, but only the old one — my SWD version has a different bayonet hood mount!

I was quite dismayed at this, because I wanted to use this with a variety of legacy OM-system macro lenses. But then, I started taking various filters and lenses and playing around, and I discovered that a 72mm filter thread can be carefully turned into the front of the RF-11, cutting threads in the plastic. Then, with adaptor rings, you can make it fit any lens that will fit through the opening!

If you try this, turn in the 72mm adaptor ring very carefully, so it is not grossly off-axis. Choose your first adaptor to be for your largest diameter lens that can fit into the RF-11. Then put a stack of filters on it in order to be able to grip it to accurately cut threads into the plastic front of the RF-11.

I used a 72-67 adaptor, so I could use it with my ZD SWD 50-200 zoom, using an additional male-to-male 67-67 filter adapter. I can then change that with 67-55 and 67-49 male-to-male adapters to fit every other lens I own.

Now I can enjoy ring flash with my OM Zuiko 20mm, 38mm, 80mm, 90mm, and 135mm macro lenses, as well as my ZD 50mm macro and other 4/3rds lenses!

Too bad Olympus didn't thread the front of this flash. Then they could have sold the adapters for $50, instead of the $1.99 you'll pay for them on evilBay. :-)

(My purchase price was for a barely-used item on evilBay, with the FT-01 controller.)


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