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  • True Nikon pro SLR compatible with most Nikon F-mount lenses
  • 12.4-megapixel CMOS DX sensor with 4,288 x 2,848-pixel images
  • ISO from 100 to 800 ("ISO Boost" to 1,600 and 3,200)
  • Very fast shutter response and cycle times
  • Faster wireless image transfer capability with optional 802.11g transmitter accessory

With a gap of nearly three years since the introduction of the D1X, we were beginning to wonder about Nikon's fate in the high-end SLR world. Adding to these concerns, the high-speed D2H struggled with image quality, particularly at high ISOs, and was overall less than what many Nikon shooters had been hoping for. With the release of the D2X though, Nikon has re-established itself as a leader at the high end of the pro SLR market. An amazingly versatile camera, the D2X is able to satisfy the needs of both studio and sports shooters, delivering excellent image quality, amazing dynamic range (particularly in the shadow end of the tonal scale), and the shooter's choice of either extreme speed at good resolution, or good speed at excellent resolution. Digital aspects aside, the Nikon D2X is also a superb shooter's camera, with an excellent "feel" in the hand and a fast and fluid user interface. Combine all this with Nikon's Advanced Wireless Lighting system for TTL metering with multiple strobe units, and the new WT-2A Wireless transmitter, and you have an array of capabilities that's all but unequalled. Kudos to Nikon on the D2X; I only hope they can build enough to meet demand.

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Registered: December 2008
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Nikon D2X review by andre_
Review Date: 12/9/2008 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $5,000.00| Rating: 10 

Pros: image quality at 100 and 20ISO, built like a tank, exceptional viewfinder and photographic controls
Cons: high noise over 200ISO

This camera is exceptional at low ISO.
It has the best body ever (like D1 and F5...), with all the photographic controls where they must be.
The viewfinder is very bright and large for a DX camera.
AF is fast and is be able to follow the continuos shooting with every lens.

The image quality (I know only RAW, haven't any experience with JPG) is stuning at low ISO, with enough dinamic range and definition for every work.
This camera is not simple to use, the file is alwais smooth, but it's needed to extract all the particulars registered.
D2X needs the best lenses to work well.
Flash and CLS system is quite perfect.

The rear display is not the best currently, but when D2x has presented, it wase like every other.
The ergonomicity is the best you can think, with a lot of personal regulations to work better with this camera.

I'm totally satisfied from it, and I recommend D2x to every advanced amateur that like to spend a little time to learn a "pro" object.

Registered: October 2005
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Nikon D2X review by Ross_Alford
Review Date: 12/29/2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $4,900.00| Rating: 10 

Pros: Superb image quality, build, controls
Cons: heavy

This is an amazing camera. Bought it in mid 2005 and although the price has gone down substantially I do not regret the purchase. I’ve had 18 months to work with a superlative machine which still has not been bettered in the Nikon lineup, and I don’t anticipate having to replace it for some time to come. 12 Mp is enough to make a 1 X 1.5 meter print that looks sharp from quite close up, and that really is enough (though I can imagine that a couple of generations from now I will finally give in to the temptation of a 30+ MP camera).

A postscript, added 11/2008--After about 15,000 exposures, and a bit out of warranty, the shutter died and Nikon charged a substantial amount to replace it. That was pretty annoying, given the rated life of 150,000 exposures; you'd think that death at 1/10 the rated lifespan would be treated as a defect, regardless of whether the camera is still in warranty. However, I'm still using the camera and expect to continue until the D800 (or whatever) comes out with FX sensor and 24+ MP.

The camera handles extremely well, The 2 command dials, buttons for almost every command used with any frequency, and programmable Fn button mean that it is very rare that I need to get into the menu system while shooting. I have big hands, and the D2x fits into them very nicely; there’s just enough space for all four fingers on the perfectly-sized hand grip. The additional vertical grip, which has 2 additional command dials and additional AE and AF lock buttons located in just the right places, as well as a second, lockable shutter release, is a wonderful feature. Once you get used to having a vertical grip available, going back to twisting your arms into unnatural positions to shoot verticals is difficult. Shooting sessions just flow along, with the mechanics of controlling the camera almost never really intruding even though I adjust controls frequently, because everything is so easy and intuitive.

The high speed cropped mode turns out to be quite useful as well. I never need to shoot 8 FPS, but I often find that I don’t have a long enough telephoto with me to get quite as close as I would like, and using the HS cropped mode saves having to crop later in an editor. It is still about 7 MP, and image quality is stunning. Having the HS crop mode available means that the excellent 18-200 VR Nikkor becomes even more versatile; rather than “merely” a 27-300 equivalent, it becomes 27-400 when you factor in using HS crop at the long end.

Battery life is amazing; I have gotten about 1000 shots on a charge, shooting raw and at least briefly “chimping” at least every second shot, and the battery still showed about 30% left. The percent-left battery meter seems to be pretty accurate, and the display showin what proportion of the battery’s useful life remains is a good idea, too, though I don’t know how accurate it is as I have not yet needed to replace a battery.

Although I was annoyed at Nikon not providing a copy of Nikon Capture with the camera (it really does seem like gouging when you spend this much on a camera and they want $99 or more additional for the software to go with it), I’ve gotten over that—and having worked with both, I was not thrilled with either Capture 4.4 or Capture NX . On the other hand, Nikon showed great support for the people who had bought the D2x by bringing out firmware 2, which adds almost all of the new functionality of the D2xs, except for things requiring hardware modification, to the D2x.

I do wish it was about 8 ounces lighter. A fulll day with this and an 18-200 or 12-24 lens on it, and the back of my neck starts to feel the pressure.

Registered: December 2006
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Nikon D2X review by trishtunney
Review Date: 12/11/2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $4,500.00| Rating: 10 

Pros: solid, fast, image quality, TTL flash exposures, fast focus
Cons: a little noisy over 1000

Man, I love this camera. I use it for events, studio work, sports, and fine art. I love the feel of it, and the interface is totally intuitive.

For events, I use th 17-55 and the SB800 on a custom bracket CB junior. It is top notch. I have never used a camera with more accurate TTL flash exposures. I was blown away when I first started using this.

Focusing is fast, viewfinder is bright, the size really helps balance my larger 2.8 lenses.

I highly recommend it.

Registered: November 2006
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Nikon D2X review by ultrafast
Review Date: 11/23/2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $4,999.00| Rating: 10 

Pros: See review
Cons: See review

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy using this superb photographic tool. I use it for landscape, wildlife and high school sports photography, with the odd bit of portraiture.

First and foremost, IMAGE QUALITY. It is simply excellent! At ISOs up to 400 noise is totally under control. The resolving power of the D2x is unparalleled in the nikon mount, and from what I have seen it cannot yet be matched by any 35mm based system. The colors pumped out by the 12 megapixel complimentary metal oxide sensor (CMOS) are saturated, clean and accurate. This combination results in wonderful image output, especially when shooting in RAW format. I have a couple of 30x40 prints that were carefully cropped and upsized from .NEF flies and look beautiful.

HANDLING: It's the best! The D2 series bodies (D2x, D2H, D2Hs, D2Xs) handle better than any other camera I have ever used, including canons, leicas, contax MF, LF and minolta SLRs. The controls are intuitive, almost like a seamless extension of your body, that knows what you want to do. If you need to adjust something, that button is always right under your finger and ready to go. The dual command dial system with two monochrome LCD info panels makes for perfect control. All changes are visible on the display in the viewfinder, so you never have to take your eye from the action.

SPEED: 5FPS @ full resolution, 8FPS @ 7megapixels...what more could you want? It challenges the D2Hs for speed. Also a deep buffer lets you keep shooting and shooting and shooting....

AF: It is amazingly complex. I sent my D2Hs and D2x back twice, thinking there was something wrong with the AF, while in reality there was something wrong with my head. I have since learned the multi-cam 2000 system in and out and it is marvelous. It can focus when I can hardly see anything through the viewfinder. At dusk everything is sort of indistinct to my 20/20 vision, but the camera still finds and locks focus. The system has no end to the wonders, such as the lock on system which keeps tracking one subject even if something comes between you and it momentarily.

BATTERY: I hear the new EN-EL4a is even better, but I've never had a problem. It is not unusual to get nearly 3000 shots from a charge, when I don't chimp too much on that big color display.

BUILD: TANK! It pays to be careful with this camera, as it really hurts if you whack yourself in the back of the head with it. You could use it to put nails in a wall...oh, and it is water resistant so light rain poses no threat.

Overall I think it is as good as it gets right now. In the future I would love to see full frame (as we are approaching the physical limits of what can be resolved in the visible spectrum at these pixel densities), lower noise at high ISOs (a la D2Hs) and higher dynamic range. The last one is big. I am sure things can and will be done to improve dynamic range in future generations of cameras, but for now we will have to make to with the D2x!


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