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  • 16.7-megapixel CMOS sensor delivers 4,992 x 3,328 pixel images
  • Sensor covers full 35mm frame area, no focal length multiplier
  • SD/MMC and CompactFlash (Type I and II) compatibility
  • Full support for RAW file format included
  • Very configurable to suit individual shooting styles

The EOS-1Ds was an impressive digital SLR at its debut, carrying forward the incredibly rugged camera platform of the original EOS-1D, and boosting resolution to levels previously unheard of in portable 35mm-style digital SLRs. Now, the EOS-1Ds Mark II ups the ante with nearly 17 million effective pixels, faster processing, lower power consumption, and a host of other enhancements. Canon's advanced CMOS sensor technology delivers impressively low image noise at high ISO, but particularly during long exposures. And of course, the big story with the 1Ds Mark II is that it's a full frame digital SLR, with a sensor the same size as a 35mm film frame, making possible true wide angle shots with standard 35mm focal lengths. (If you've been shooting with a d-SLR with a smaller sensor, wait till you see what the world looks like through a 16-35mm lens on the 1Ds Mark II.) Bottom line, just an excellent digital SLR, easily deserving of its place at the top of Canon's d-SLR lineup. Highly recommended!

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