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(From company literature) Velbon EL Carmagne 540. The name "Carmagne" stands for Carbon Fiber and Magnesium (Mg). 4-section Carbon Fiber legs with die-cast Magnesium alloy components combine to create a lightweight tripod of superior strength offering features not found in other conventionally designed tripods. Ideally suited for use with all 35mm SLRs and most medium format cameras.


• Carbon Fiber is 1/3 lighter than aluminum with strength superior to that of iron and aluminum. It is an excellent vibration absorbing material and is resistant to temperature changes.
• Maximum versatility is achieved with its individually adjustable 3-position leg spread: normal, semi lowangle and full low-angle.
• Die-cast Magnesium (Mg) alloy body for strength and light weight. Velbon was one of the first to utilize this method in the manufacturing of tripod components.
• Finish: Carbon fiber black.

Specifications (leg assembly only):

  • Material: Carbon Fiber & Magnesium
  • Column Type: Rapid
  • Number of Leg Sections: 4
  • Leg Lock Type: Flip Lever
  • Maximum Height: 148 cm / 58.3 in.
  • Height w/o Center Column Extended: 112.2 cm / 44.2 in.
  • Minimum Height: 23.6 cm / 9.3 in.
  • Folded Length: 51.8 cm / 20.4 in.
  • Maximum Load: 11.3 kg / 25 lbs
  • Weight: 1.7 kg / 3.7 lbs

Shown with PH-250B 3-Way Panhead.

Keywords: Velbon Tripod Rapid Panhead


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Velbon EL Carmagne 540 review by logogogue
Review Date: 12/27/2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $300.00| Rating: 9 

Pros: Lightweight, carbon fiber=strength, flexible
Cons: dodgy case, not the smoothest moving head,

Overall it is a very excellent tripod. I take it everwhere I go and find it to be light enough that it isn't unobtrusive to have around. It is very sturdy so you won't have to worry about it falling apart either since I strap it to the outside of my backpack. It definitely get's banged around either hiking or snowboarding. The head is good but it is a little tricky to make micro adjustments but once you set it, it is locked in. Beware that you don't leave the accessory screwed on because it has a tendency to loosen and you'll lose it. It'll set you back $7 to replace it. Otherwise the case is cheap so isn't anything worth mentioning.


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