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(From company literature) SLIK Pro 813 CF-II. The PRO 713 CF, PRO 813 CF and PRO 814 CF are the 3 best selling SLIK Carbon Fiber tripod models. They are all being improved to a type-II version. The new models have padded “Leg Wraps” around the top leg section. The padded wraps make carrying the tripod more much more comfortable and add a mere 4 oz to the weight of each tripod, keeping them feather-light for easy traveling. There are no changes to the tripods other than the addition of the leg wraps. All other specifications remain the same.

With these 3 upgraded models, SLIK completes a total renovation and expansion of their carbon fiber tripod line. Every carbon fiber tripod is new this year. In 2004 SLIK introduced 4 new CF tripods, the professional series GRAND PRO CF 4, full-sized PRO 883 CF-D, and the compact travelers, PRO 614 CF and PRO 613 CF. With 7 carbon fiber models now available, SLIK has a tripod to meet any light-weight camera support need.

SLIK Carbon Fiber tripods are a natural for the nature photographer.

Specifications (leg set only):

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Number of Leg Sections: 3
  • Leg Lock Type: Twist Lock
  • Maximum Operating Height: 162.5 cm / 64 in.
  • Minimum Operating Height: 20 cm / 7.9 in.
  • Maximum Center Column Extension: 30 cm / 11.8 in.
  • Folded Length: 63.5 cm / 25 in.
  • Maximum Load: 5.44 kg / 12 lbs
  • Weight: 1.61 kg / 3.55 lbs

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