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(From company literature) Manfrotto 3021PRO. Manfrotto has taken the 3021PRO tripod and made it even more versatile! The main refinement to this series is with the center column. Designed as an alternative to the low-angle adapter, the new center column enables the head to be left mounted to the column when switching between low angle and normal shooting.

The top section is detached without tools by simply unscrewing the knob at the bottom of the column. Good news for existing 3021PRO users is that an 055TSB upgrade column is also available.

As with the previous series, the 3021BPRO has a removeable center column that doubles as a horizontal lateral arm. Not only does this allow the camera to be offset from leg position, but it provides the simplest way possible to shoot from directly overhead.

In addition, the new 3021PRO also comes with leg warmers on two legs which helps keep hands protected in cold weather and protects the body when carrying the tripod on shoulders. A new strap, the 458HL, (available as an optional accessory) has also been introduced to better carry the tripod. It simply snaps to the center column. Available in black (3021BPRO) or silver (3021PRO).

Key features include:

• New center column design allows you to leave the head mounted on the column when switching between low angle and normal shooting
• Leg warmers on two legs which keeps hands protected in cold weather and protects the body when carrying the tripod on shoulders
• Double positioning vertical and horizontal center column
• Rapid-action lever leg locks with just 45 degree run
• 4 leg-angle settings


  • Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Column Type: Rapid
  • Number of Leg Sections: 3
  • Leg Lock Type: Lever
  • Head Mount: 3/8" thread
  • Foot Type: Rubber
  • Maximum Operating Height: 176 cm / 69.3 in.
  • Maximum Height w/o Column Extended: 135.1 cm / 53.2 in.
  • Minimum Operating Height: 11.2 cm / 4.4 in.
  • Folded Length: 65 cm / 25.6 in.
  • Maximum Load: 6 kg / 13.3 lbs
  • Weight: 2.4 kg / 5.3 lbs

Black version shown (3021BPRO).

Keywords: Manfrotto Tripod Rapid


Registered: January 2007
Posts: 7
Manfrotto 3021PRO / 3021BPRO review by vNe
Review Date: 1/9/2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $119.00| Rating: 9 

Pros: great build, rock solid, versitile
Cons: heavy and long when collapsed

This is an excellent tripod.
Rock solid with a ton of features:
can level on any terrain, stoop down to inches above the ground, extend to impressive height, great for macro, holds heavy equipment, beautiful build, an afforable price, and even has leg covers for cold days.

The main draw back is the weight. It is also a tad long when collapsed for easy transport.

Registered: November 2006
Posts: 7
Manfrotto 3021PRO / 3021BPRO review by jcsoniat
Review Date: 1/1/2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: None indicated| Rating: 10 

Pros: Sturdy, Flexible, Well Made, Heavy
Cons: Heavy

Excellent tripod, especially when coupled with the Bogen midi head. It is very sturdy, and there are many nice features. I love the ability to get close to the ground with the removable vertical/horizontal column. Great for macro and general tripod duty.

Definitely will resist shaking and vibration because it is heavy. It also has a couple of hooks on it where you can attach weights to steady it further.

Alas, one of it's advantages is a drawback. I don't go on hikes, but I would definitely tire of carrying this thing, even with a strap. Overall, a great product.

Registered: December 2006
Posts: 10
Manfrotto 3021PRO / 3021BPRO review by btjh86
Review Date: 12/24/2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $200.00| Rating: 10 

Pros: steady, heavy duty
Cons: heavy

This tripod is steady enough to hold a DSLR and a long lens. I like the fact that its legs are able to be positioned at different angles.

It bends down REALLY low too and this is good for macro photographers like me. The centre column can be repositioned perpendicular to the tripod legs as well. Very very flexible!

The legs are also very tightly clamped and they have not gone loose before, even if they do you can retighten them with a tool provided.

I highly recommend this set of legs!

Registered: October 2005
Posts: 8
Manfrotto 3021PRO / 3021BPRO review by Zinger
Review Date: 12/23/2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $180.00| Rating: 9 

Pros: Stability, Versatility of setup
Cons: Heavy

First things first: This tripod is absolutely rock solid, even with a large camera/lens setup. This is (of course) the primary role of a tripod, and the 3021Pro does it very well.

2) The ability to adjust the leg angle independently is a real help when the ground isn't flat.

3) It gets *really* low to the ground, especially with the center column removed. ( I think the spec is like 3 or 4 inches!)

4) The column can mount horizontally, which has been extraordinarily helpful for circumstances where I have had to put the tripod beside or directly over top of my subject.

Now the con....

It is heavy. Period. This is not the gear to take with you on an extended hike unless you're prepared to heft its considerable bulk.

Registered: December 2006
Posts: 7
Manfrotto 3021PRO / 3021BPRO review by archaney
Review Date: 12/11/2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $180.00| Rating: 10 

Pros: Solid construction, padded upper arms
Cons: Weight

The 3021 Pro is an excellent general purpose tripod. I wouldn't want to go a long wilderness hike because of the weight but for most purposes this tripod fills the bill.

The construction is solid. There is no play in the leg joints or center column. The tripod comes with a wrench to tighten the leg lock screws but in seven months of use I have yet to need to tighten anything.

The legs operate independently of each other and can be adjusted to a variety of angles to include straight out. The center column can be easily removes and mounted back through the top platform so that is is parallel with the ground. This feature is useful for macro photography although I have yet to try that out.

If you don't have a need for the ability to mount the center column parallel to the ground then I would recommend not getting the Pro version.. That said, I have been very happy with this product. I used to wonder if it was really worth the extra money but once I put a heavy lens on my SLR I immediately knew that the 3021 was money well spent.


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