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(From company literature) Manfrotto 718B Digi with 3-Way Head. The 718B is a compact tripod with a built-in hybrid video/photo 3-Way head. It is similar to the 718SHB, but with longer leg sections for greater extended height.

The 718B has a "dovetail" quick release camera plate (which can be locked in place one-handed), separate pan and tilt locks, and a short pan/tilt bar for more ergonomic use while panning or tracking moving subjects. The leg pivot system uses a unique single hinge design in aluminum which both keeps the cross section smaller and allows the leg to fold shorter than conventional tripods. The tripod is built with "D" profile tubular legs for extra torsional rigidity and quick flip leg locks for ease and speed of set-up.

A quick action lever also locks the reversible center column extension. The 718B comes complete with a rucksack-style bag (MBAGD).


  • Panhead: 3-Way Pan/Tilt with Quick Release
  • Number of Leg Sections: 4
  • Leg Locks: Lever
  • Maximum Operating Height: 166.4 cm / 65.5 in.
  • Maximum Height w/o Column Extended: 139.7 cm / 55 in.
  • Minimum Operating Height: 47.5 cm / 18.7 in.
  • Folded Length: 49 cm / 19.3 in.
  • Maximum Load: 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs
  • Weight: 1.4 kg / 3.1 lbs

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Manfrotto 718B Digi review by 266
Review Date: 9/24/2008 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: $77.28| Rating: 8 

Pros: Light weight, cheap
Cons: Not very stable, low carrying weight

I bought this in Hong Kong at $600HKD (~77USD) and at this price, I'm very pleased about the quality. For just 77USD you get a tripod with 3 sections, bubble grip, and a non-ballhead control with a pan bar. However though, the gripping construction of this tripod is not very "high level", you can simply move and shake the whole tripod with just a nudge and the maximum payload is only 2.5kg, which means I simply cannot connect my cam (Canon XTI/400D) with a 100-400 or else it collasp on its own. But overall, it's got a good price and a good weight, you can carry it on your back for the whole day without complaining Smile


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