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(From company literature) Manfrotto 055MF3 MagFiber 3. The 055MF3 is an ideal tripod for many applications. A "beefier" tripod to the 190MF series, the 055MF3 provides professional photographers with a tripod that’s still very light in weight, simple to use, strong, and extremely versatile to position.

The 055MF3 supports up to 15 lbs, offers a minimum height of only 4.3 inches - which is perfect for low-angle shooting, and can extend to over 5 1/2 ft when needed.

Without compromising on stability or rigidity of the tripod, Manfrotto engineers reduced the weight of the 055MF3 by utilizing carbon fiber legs with quick action lever locks in magnesium and resin. In addition, they incorporated the patended design of the 3021PRO series top spider which offers four leg angle settings, and converts the center column into a lateral arm.

The center column itself is of the latest generation of aluminum and resin materials. The low-angle adapter forms the top section of the center column and is easily detached by simply unscrewing the knob at the bottom of the column. This enables the head to be left mounted on the center column when switching between low-angle and normal shooting positions.

All parts are assembled using a proven pressure clamp technology for greater durability and in-the-field serviceability. To make transportation even easier, the 055MF3 is supplied with a hand padded carrying strap that can also double as a hook to hang weight and increase stability during extreme wind conditions.


• Carbon Fiber three-faced tubes for the tripod legs
• Aluminum and nylon polymer center column
• Magnesium die casting for all tripod parts and stainless steel nuts and bolts
• Ergonomic, user friendly features such as quick-action adjustable leg lever locks that instantly secure leg extensions firmly in place with no slippage or rotation
• Push buttons to operate leg angles to offer four degrees of inclination
• Center column with vertical/horizontal positioning
• Built-in low angle adapter


  • Number of Leg Sections: 3
  • Leg Lock Type: Flip Lever
  • Maximum Operating Height: 169 cm / 66.5 in.
  • Maximum Height w/o Column Extended: 134.6 cm / 53 in.
  • Minimum Operating Height: 11 cm / 4.3 in.
  • Folded Length: 64 cm / 25.2 in.
  • Maximum Load: 7 kg / 15.5 lbs
  • Weight: 2 kg / 4.4 lbs

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Registered: October 2008
Posts: 5
Manfrotto 055MF3 MagFiber 3 review by winkyphoto
Review Date: 10/3/2008 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: None indicated| Rating: 8 

Pros: Light and rigid for its weight. Easy adjustability. Multiple options for the top.
Cons: Heavier tripods are stiffer.

Nice lightweight yet "serious" tripod. I think it is very versatile, if not the last word in stiffness for critical work. Don't get me wrong, it's no noodle, but if you are prepared to lug more weight, there are stiffer supports out there. It's my only 'pod and I feel no need to add another, even for my new f2.8 400.

No quality issues for me. The little metal ring on the vertical described elsewhere is indeed slightly annoying and arguably not required.
John H Maw

Registered: November 2006
Posts: 15
Manfrotto 055MF3 MagFiber 3 review by John H Maw
Review Date: 1/14/2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: None indicated| Rating: 9 

Pros: Great design (with a couple of exceptions)
Cons: Strap fixing on column, possible build quality problem

I like the design of this tripod. It can position the camera from near the ground to well above head level very quickly. The ability to mount the column horizontally is also good. Any position can be achieved quickly and with little fuss.

The down side is that some aspects of the design are not as good as they should be. My first tripod was replaced because of very slight looseness between the top carbon fibre leg section and the magnesium shoulder joint into which it fits. I have had the replacement for about a year now and the problem has not occurred yet with this one.

A bit of design which astounds me is the placement of a steel ring near the base of the column. Its only purpose is as a fitting for a strap. However it rattles, and also stops all three legs from folding in all the way when closing the tripod. I don't know what Manfrotto where thinking of when they added this piece (but fortunately when I waved my magic hacksaw at it, it just fell off, and the strap is fitted round the legs, so nothing lost).

Do check the solidity of the top carbon tube into the shoulder joint. Attempting to tighten it makes no difference.


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