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  • Limited edition specialized UV + Visible + IR wavelength capture version of the popular FinePix S3 Pro
  • 12.34-megapixel SuperCCD SR II makes files as large as 4,256 x 2,848 pixels (6.45 million "S" pixels and 6.45 million "R" pixels)
  • "Live" mode turns LCD monitor into a monochrome viewfinder
  • Superb resolution
  • Accepts most Nikon F mount lensesa and compatible with Nikon flash systems

(From company literature) See things like never before! The Super CCD SR II sensor at the heart of the FinePix S3 Pro UVIR ensures superb image quality and low noise while addressing the issue of wider dynamic range. And now it even captures a wider spectrum from Ultra Violet through visible and into Infrared.

Specific wavelengths can be isolated and captured from daylight or artificial light sources via lens filtering or by use of an Alternative Light Source (ALS) such as a forensic crime scope lighting technology like those sold by SPEX Forensics (

Although not initially intended for use in general photography, the FinePix S3 Pro UVIR could be used by photo artists for special effects infrared imagery. Due to the wide range of light spectrums captured, focusing and exposure are done manually. Unique to the FinePix S3 Pro system is the 30 second B&W live CCD preview mode from the cameras LCD monitor. This unique mode can be used to focus the camera specifically to the wavelength being captured when dark UV or IR spectrum filters cover the lens, which renders the cameras optical viewfinder unusable.

Thanks to the low noise signature of the Super CCD SRII sensor, low light imagery and ALS wavelength specific imagery experiences much less static noise than DSLR's equipped with standard CCD or CMOS sensors. Add to this the RAW file processor and tethered Firewire shooting ability that comes with Fujifilm's HyperUtility software, and you have the ability to alter the dynamic range or intensify and isolate specific color portions of the image for improved forensic or technical analysis. This includes color image conversion to black and white using the full Bit depth contained in the RAW file and either 8 or 16 bit TIFF files in your choice of sRGB or Adobe RGB color spaces.

The technology designed into the FinePix S3 Pro UVIR was initially designed for traditional visible wavelength imagery. However, the natural low noise signature of the Fujifilm Super CCD SRII produces high quality high resolution images within a limited band of UV and IR. Because of the wide range of light spectrums captured, focusing and exposure are a manual process, and both are dependent on the combinations of light intensity, lens, filters, and basic CCD sensitivity to the wavelength being recorded.

To some extent the outer limits of wavelength sensitivity in the UV and IR bands become a trial and error process, this is because the CCD data must be converted by the cameras image processor to a file that can be viewed on a monitor or in a print. This may require adjusting ISO and dynamic range settings and even lens brand and model combinations to achieve a desired effect. Many modern lenses limit IR and UV light passage through the lens and or are incapable of achieving good focus. The cameras image processor may interpret CCD data differently in each setting, so it's also the reason that no published outer limits are provided. Generally, you can expect to easily capture acceptable images between 350nm and 1000nm.

Unfiltered color images will retain a pink hue due to the added presence of increased red and infrared light captured. A great deal of this cast can be eliminated by adding a hot mirror filter to remove the presence of IR, and a UV filter to remove the presence of UV light which under some conditions and ISO settings can cause moiré patterns.

Suggested list price is $1799.95 (body only) with September 2006 availability.

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